FibroScan & Fatty Liver Disease

Liver Assesment with FibroScan


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The biggest concern for people with diagnosed fatty liver is knowing if their liver is still healthy or if it is already sliding into a bad condition that will seriously affect their health.

There are a few questions that will help us understand your situation and if you would benefit from assessment with FibroScan (some of these questions you already know the answer to and some you will need to look at your existing test results):

  • Have you already been told by your physician that you have NASH and should see a liver doctor?
  • Did the liver doctor tell you you to come back to see him or her?
  • Do you have diabetes? (especially if you are overweight and have had it a long time)
  • Do you have Pre-diabetes? (your blood sugar fasting is in the 100 range especially if you are heavy)
  • Have you been told your liver tests are persistently abnormal?
  • Is your liver not just fatty but also enlarged?
  • Does bad fatty liver run in your family?
  • Do you belong to an ethnic group at high risk?
    • Highest: South Asian (e.g. India)
    • Second highest: Hispanic
    • Third: Caucasian
    • Fourth: African Americans
  • Have you been told you have the "metabolic syndrome" with high blood pressure, high triglycerides? Do you have a big gut?

If you have any of the above, or have multiple of the above, you may wish to have a FibroScan test.

If you prefer, and can pay or afford to have these tests done, Dr. Ruane can see you in the clinic.

FibroScan can measure two key things related to fatty liver disease:

  1. How much fat is in your liver
  2. Is there any sign of FIBROSIS: scarring of liver tissue

FibroScan® is a new medical device in the United States - approved by the FDA - that provides a painless and reliable alternative to liver biopsy. Our office is the first in Los Angeles to offer this examination to patients with the FibroScan® 502 device.


The Examination

  • You will lie down on your back and raise your right arm behind your head.
  • Your physician or liver nurse will apply a small amount of water based gel to on your right side rib cage and apply the probe with a slight pressure.
  • Ten consecutive measurements will be made at the same location. The device will measure the state of the liver globally, over a larger area compared to that obtained with a biopsy where only a needle sized sample is measured.
  • The test takes about 10 minutes, and the result is delivered immediately at the end. It will be a number between 1.5 to 75 kPa.
  • Your doctor will evaluate and interpret the results and then review them with you.

Measuring Liver Health